Carryboy has been making trucktops for well over 20 years and are without a doubt the worlds largest manufacturer of pick-up trucktops. Each Carryboy canopy shell mould is hand-laid with GRP before being painted with DuPont paint to given vehicle colours, the interior headlining and glazing is then installed before water testing and undergoing final inspection. With choices for commercial and leisure users, Carryboy are ahead of the game.

4x4AT’s warehouse filled with Carryboy stock! Ready for dispatch in UK.

4x4AT are the official supplier of Carryboy trucktops in the UK 

As well as the sole supplier of spare parts and recognised UK service centre. With a large stock of Carryboy Truck Hardtops in stock, and a huge back catalogue of spare parts and service items available for canopies that are 10+years old. Unlike some suppliers, we hold stocks here in the UK, we don’t operate any pre-order scams or dubious payment months before delivery.

Customers can view the quality of fitment and finish of Carryboy

You can choose to have your Carryboy trucktop installed at our fitment centre in North Yorkshire and Birmingham. Most Carryboy tops are still dispatched and delivered within 2-3 days of order to your chosen delivery point.

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